Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

We have a complete suite of insurance and risk management products and programs to meet businesses’ needs. Our team of professionals will meet with you to analyze your specific needs and to customize a plan to fit your unique business situation, and we provide a broad range of insurance products and risk management services. Whether you are just starting your business and have basic insurance needs or are a large organization with complex business insurance requirements, we are here to assist you.

We have the professional expertise for developing innovative, effective insurance programs created from our broad portfolio of products, and we explain the insurance process to you in clear, straightforward language. We want you to know where your money is going and what factors determine the cost of insurance for your firm.

In addition, you can count on us for:

Risk Management

While some insurance agencies only provide insurance, we provide comprehensive insurance and active risk management services, and that can make all the difference. Our dedicated team is here to be of service to you. Leading the team is our risk management director, who brings over 30 years of experience as a loss control consultant and safety management specialist. He holds a number of professional designations, such as the ALCM, and is an OSHA 500 Outreach Training Program Instructor.

We provide our clients with valuable insurance programs with added safety and risk management services including audits, program development and review, fleet safety and driver training, OSHA compliance, comprehensive loss analysis, and other risk mitigation initiatives.

Similar insurance companies can generate vastly different premiums based on a variety of reasons including the quality of safety planning. Risk management plans can help control the cost of your insurance program over the long-term, regardless of market cycles.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide our clients with their own free industry-specific safety website. This site contains customized safety manuals, newsletters, and training aids in both English and Spanish.

Claims Management

Another key service we provide is proactive claims management. Our clients need an advocate in the event of a claim to ensure that all of the facts are understood. A mishandled claim can impact a client for years, but we will be there to guide you through the process for the best possible result.

Training and Education

We are about much more than insurance; we are active risk managers with our clients. As such we provide many complimentary educational programs, which cover an array of topics such as defensive driving, forklift safety and HR compliance. Recent programs we have provided include CPR/First Aid, 401k, employment practices, and 125 plans. In addition, we perform job site audits and provide planning and tracking tools to help our clients stay OSHA-compliant. Our goal is to be an active risk management partner with our clients.

The Right Coverage

We want to make sure you have the right coverage, and premium is only one factor to examine. The time to second-guess whether you have the right coverage is not when you are filing a claim. We act as advisors and understand that a cheap premium does you no good if you do not have the right coverage. Our consultative approach will help to not leave you exposed with an under-insured loss or, worse, a loss that is not covered at all.

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