Commercial Insurance


As a manufacturer, your business is different from and can be more complex than standard commercial businesses. That’s why it’s vital you talk to an insurance agency that really understands your business. Our manufacturing insurance can cover your contents and stock, which includes machinery and plant and loss of profits, plus products’ liability. We also offer a wide range of extras, such as coverage for costs caused by a computer breakdown, coverage for theft or fraud by employees, and coverage for your buildings. We specialize in helping manufacturing companies both large and small.

Our manufacturers’ insurance program is designed specifically for businesses that manufacture products and can include coverage for both the manufacturing and warehousing of materials and unfinished goods.

We understand the complexities of running a business, and insurance, while necessary, can be a chore. That’s why we make arranging your manufacturing or factory insurance quick and simple. Our aim is to let you sleep easily knowing you have the right coverage your business needs at a great price.