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Human Resource Solutions

Is managing your business and staff bogging you down? Let RWO handle all of your Human Resource Services.

The HR Audit

It’s more challenging than ever to stay on top of the changes occurring daily with federal and state employment regulations. A human resources review is an excellent way to target key areas, including recruiting, hiring, benefits, compensation, safety, record-keeping, training, disciplinary action and termination.

By taking a “snapshot” of an organization’s key human resource areas, a strategic plan can be designed to reduce employer liability and ensure competitiveness within the employment marketplace. This process often results in long-lasting benefits that can contribute significantly to a company’s success.

Customized Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook is a valuable communication and employee relations tool that can help your company maintain consistency, properly inform employees of workplace policies, and avoid misunderstandings.

A handbook can be used to communicate important information to employees, help support disciplinary action, and may reduce your liability if employment-related claims are filed against your organization. In addition, many employers have found that communicating directly with employees through written policy statements can help reduce employees’ desire to seek organized representation. Handbooks should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that all information remains applicable to company practices and government rules and regulations.

Generic Employee Handbook

A Generic Employee Handbook may be an interim solution to an immediate need. We can provide basic policies about harrassment, discrimination, dispute resolution, state or federally required pay information, mandated benefits (workers comp, social security, etc.). This may help achieve some tactical objectives while working toward full compliance with a customized handbook. A generic handbook that transforms into a customized effort will cap costs at the fee assigned to the customized handbook rate.

Supervisory and Management Training

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision stated that not training managers and supervisors is an extraordinary mistake. The Department of Labor (DOL) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) expect employers to provide regular compliance training. Recent EEOC settlements with well-known employers (Rent-A-Center and Wal-Mart, for example) have ranged from $1.8 million to $47 million. Each settlement also included requirements for frequent EEOC compliance training.

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment

Training provides an interactive approach to the difficult topic of harassment. It is geared towards small- to mid-size groups for discussion and review of definitions and provides a review of harrassment policies, methods for detecting and identifying threats of harassment or situations most likely to lead to harassment, and practical steps for addressing actual workplace harassment situations. This training will also address many of the common myths and misconceptions about harassment in order to focus the attention of the participants on the real nature of the problem.

Other employment training services are available and can be tailored to your group with regard to content, length, presentation style, etc.