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Risk Management

At RWO we have a full-time dedicated risk manager and safety director on our staff. John Pedone brings thrity years of experience as a loss control consultant and safety management specialist. John holds a number of professional designations, such as the ALCM and is an OSHA 500 Outreach Training Program instructor.

Risk management is the active practice of identifying and then managing threats that could severely impact an organization. Generally, this involves reviewing operations, identifying potential threats and the likelihood of their occurrence, and then taking appropriate actions to address the most likely threats.

Traditionally, risk management was thought of as mostly a matter of getting the right insurance. Insurance coverage usually came in rather standard packages, so people tended not to take risk management seriously, but this impression of risk management has changed dramatically. With the recent increase in rules and regulations, employee-related lawsuits and reliance on key resources, risk management is becoming a management practice that is every bit as important as financial or facilities management.

We work with our clients to be active risk managers. Our risk management services generally include:

  • Claims reviews
  • Safety processes and procedures analysis
  • Risk analysis loss and liability examiner reports
  • Experience modifier analysis
  • Regulatory compliance, training and assistance
  • Customizable supervisor and safety training
  • Human resources support
  • Online OSHA logs and resources

We provide our clients with true, meaningful value-added safety and risk management services. This is key because similar insurance companies can generate vastly different premiums based on a number of reasons including the quality of safety planning. Risk management plans can help control the cost of your insurance program over the long-term regardless of market cycles.

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