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Fire & EMS Companies

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As a volunteer organization, you give selflessly to your community. You arrive and help in the worst of circumstances. You allow members of your community to sleep at night knowing you are there to protect them. But who protects the brave and selfless volunteers of your organization? Is your insurance set up to allow all members to breathe easily knowing that their needs would be met if there were a problem?

RescueProtect.com, a division of Raley, Watts and O’Neill, has been insuring first responders since 1950. We work hard to make insurance transparent so you fully understand the costs and coverages. Click on the logo below to visit RescueProtect.com, our webpage that focuses on Fire and Rescue personnel.

While insurance can be complicated, the bottom line is simple: fire and rescue companies want to know that if something happens their insurance company will respond and take care of them. One of the keys to making sure your insurance is properly set-up is your front-line representative – your agent. Insurance can be provided to cover anything under the sun- trucks, ambulances, equipment, boats, etc. But more important than the physical assets are the human assets. We take the time to provide options and explain the different coverages available. We want to ensure you have adequate coverage: when you have a claim is not the time to second-guess whether your coverage is appropriate.

Some Key coverages include:
– Accident and Disability: What benefits are provided for your members that risk it all?
– Business Auto Coverage: How does your coverage respond in the event of an accident or, worse, a total loss? How are members’ vehicles covered while responding to a call?
– Property Coverage: Do you have replacement cost coverage?
– Directors and Officers Coverage: Are all your decisions covered?

For more information regarding our Fire & EMS Program, click below on the logo to go to our Rescue Protect website.