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Big Rig.jpgWhen it comes to movers and shakers in insurance for moving and storage companies, you have come to the right place. We specialize in this market niche and have the unique experience, expertise and products to help companies ensure a proper protection plan. Does your current agent really understand the difference between moving companies and trucking companies? Moving trucks will often sit idle, while commercial trucks are constantly moving. If your coverage is based on trucking, you are probably paying too much and subsidizing companies which have more exposure than your firm. Make sure your insurance premiums accurately reflect the unique market you are in.

Our comprehensive solutions include insurance, risk management and employee benefit solutions. We have developed strong relationships with insurance companies which specialize in this field and therefore have access to protection products many other insurance agencies may not. However, products are only one piece of the equation, so we combine our products with guidance, competitive pricing, and first-class client service. We have a long-term commitment to the moving and storage industry, and are continually re-investing resources in the training and education of our associates to ensure you are getting the best guidance and advice.

Cargo insurance is unregulated, so it can be hard to compare coverage from different companies. Many of our clients have told us stories of having gone for an inexpensive product in the past, only to find out that critical coverage they thought was standard was not included. Therefore, be wary of shopping only by price, because you want to ensure you have the right coverage when you need it, especially when the average commercial trucking fatality claim runs in excess of $3,000,000.

As an independent agent, we work as your advocate and compare different programs from different insurance companies to align to match your unique needs.

We offer broad coverage to meet your needs including:

  • General liability
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Owner-operator coverage
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Warehouse legal liability
  • Cargo liability
  • Garage keepers
  • Crime
  • MCS-90

We go beyond just providing high-quality movers’ insurance. We also offer coverage to ensure your owner-operators are protected in the areas of:

  • Collision and comprehensive to the owner-operator’s vehicles
  • Liability exposures involving equipment
  • Workers’ compensation for the owner-operator and their employees

Is now the time to think about a move for your insurance and risk management? Contact us today for more information.

We represent several industry-specific insurance companies such as:

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